The Year of the Dragon (ドラゴンの年, Doragon no Nen) is a recurring event in the Legend of the Avenge Landers series. It is the time when new dragon eggs are born to bring about the new generation of dragons.


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Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom hosts its most precious event, the Year of the Dragon Ceremony. Dancing, feasting, and the birth of many, dazzling dragon eggs. The eggs would then be brought to Temple Dojo of the Dragons, to be watched over by King Warfang, mostly the Dragon Sages, to make sure they are safe and well-protected until the hatch and then be brought back to their respective parents.




Around the introduction of the Season 1 movie Legend of the Avenge Landers: Friendships Unite the Magic, the Year of the Dragon was taking place as King Warfang and the Dragon Sages were calling out an evacuation in order of protecting the dragon eggs inside the Temple Dojo of the Dragons, including the egg that contained the next purple dragon, Spyro. However this was because the learned that The Dark Master, Malefor, have just heard of the prophecy of the next purple dragon and would sent his Ape army to the Dragon Kingdom, inside the Temple to destroy the eggs to prevent Spyro's birth.

What the did not knew, is that Malefor also ordered Gaul, the Ape King, to steal one of the dragon eggs (a black female one) as Malefor needed a black female dragon born in the Year of the Dragon to open the gateway that served as his prison. Fortunately, just about most of the entire eggs, including Spike and Spyro's egg was safely rescued and have been evacuated by King Warfang, who was also leading Ignitus and somewhat small group of Dragon Soldiers, and was sent down the calm stream of the Silver River. Unfortunately, the other Sages were overwhelmed and captured, and by the time Warfang, Ignitus and the others returned to the Kingdom, the citizens were greatly injured and killed, Spyro's mother was killed while trying to rescue one last egg, her daughter's. Cynder's egg was taken by Gaul to be corrupted by Malefor's influence as ordered.


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