Imaginators (イマジネーターズ, Imajinētāzu) are the Avenge Lander creations customized by Portal Masters in Legend of the Avenge Landers: Imaginators. They can create and change the Imaginator at any time and add their own features using elemental Creation Crystals and the Imaginite parts that are found throughout the seasonal series. Their customization options range from aesthetic changes like appearance, colors and size; effects like aura, music, sounds and voice; and their combat abilities, from stat-changing gear to powers depending on their element and battle class.

Imaginators can also be generated in the Avenge Landers Creator, which also gives the ability to the Portal Master to order physical items based on them. With the exception of T-Shirts, the items are explained as the Imaginator being enrolled in Avenge Landers Academy for further training and drawn in The Book of Avenge Landers.


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  • Several voice options have voice actors with notorious roles:
    • The Hero voice option is Yuri Lowhental, known for voicing many protagonists and sidekicks in anime and videogames, as well as Fright Rider and Trail Blazer.
    • The Ghoul voice option is John Kassir, known for his many roles voicing ominous characters such as the Cryptkeeper from Tales of the Crypt and Monsoon from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, including characters from Avenge Landers such as Ghost Roaster and Spellslamzer.
    • The Wacky voice option is Xander Mobus, known for his over-the-top announcer voice in Smash Bros. For WiiU/3DS, the Protagonist in Persona 5 and the Merchant from Dust: An Elysian Tail.
  • The theme that plays for Swashbuckler Imaginators is the theme for the Chompy Worm battles, Desert Chase, from the APM Music album THE PROMO PACK 4 - MOVIES.
  • The default Imaginator used in most of the promotional material is a Fire Knight called Sir Hoodington, as seen in the Avenge Landers Creator official page.